This is where you put your feet up on your desk and let us do the work! Our experts will create, schedule and post promotional content specifically tailored to your business each day. The intuitive control panel we give you access to lets you review scheduled posts before they go live, allows you to make edits to the content and to add your own posts to the queue!social media marketing thumbs up

Our scheduled posts will be upbeat, contain your relevant keywords and include researched hashtags. All of this aids in marketing your business in the social media arena, on those social properties you choose in your service plan.  SocialPostify supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest is also available for you to upload to yourself as an added bonus.  Other social platforms like Google Plus and others are in development.

social media marketing profileOnce you choose one of our SMM service packages, we configure your control panel, send you your login credentials so you can log into your control panel and connect your social accounts.

We will also send you a client profile form. This comprehensive form lets us learn more about your business, any products or services you offer and is the basis for building your social media marketing plan. When you complete the form and send it to us, you can expect to see new content ready to go, scheduled in your control panel dashboard only a few days after receipt of the form.

Our content is created in advance. When you access your control panel dashboard, you will be able to see all scheduled posts. These are set to post seven days after creation.  And while you see just the next 7 days of content, we continually prepare keyword rich posts up to 30 days in advance.

We research your company, any products or services you offer as well as your whole industry. We will write tips and advice, useful facts, historical trivia and find you links to useful websites that relate to your online niche.

Regular posts to your social media sites aids in positioning your business as an authority, helps to drive traffic to your website, can greatly improve your search rankings, and increases engagement with your followers, clients or website visitors.

Our provided posting schedule is tailored to deliver the perfect amount of social content, at the optimal frequency, for each social property. Our team will create a custom promotion program which is distributed 5 days a week.

Take a look and select the service level that’s appropriate for you. You can select just our command center package for hands-on management of your own campaigns through our intuitive control panel. Or, select on of the done-for-you packages where we will create and schedule engaging social content for your business. Choose any one, two or all three social platforms (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn).  All service levels come with access to our control panel, giving you ultimate control over your content and the posts we schedule for you. You can edit our scheduled DFY content or add your own at any time!

We don’t have any long term contracts. You are totally free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time*.