Easy is the Goal with Social Media

Easy is what we all want.

If you’re reading this you already know the importance of social media for your business–especially when it comes to brand awareness. The more you engage with your audience, the better. The more robust your social posting, the better Google and other search engines see your brand/site.

Of course we’d love to handle everything for you with our Done-For-You packages, putting your social media on autopilot (easy!), but what if you want to do things yourself? Even our pro or free accounts can help.

Compare to Hootsuite or Buffer: Our panel is the only one on the market that will allow you to drag or upload a text document full of posts that will automatically schedule them for you. Did someone say “timesaver?”

Free account benefits: Platforms like Buffer do not give any social analytics on their site for free, our panel does, though limited with free accounts but Social Postify also has tools that let you research what others in their industry are posting.

And did you know… Social Postify allows re-charge of free features? When your free account uses up its allowed credits on any pro feature, you can recharge your monthly allowance by posting a viral marketing message about us!


Just a couple more reasons to choose Social Postify.

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