Increasing Traffic Through Social Media

Traffic is the what we all want, right? But in Google’s Penguin update, many social sites changed their links from do-follow to no-follow.

Should we be concerned? Not really. Even these no-follow links can be beneficial

Google likes to see traffic that’s coming from the social world, and even no-follow social links are a great thing to have. Why? because social signals tell Google that there is a buzz about your site. The more posts you have, the more buzz.

The real value is turning those likes and tweets into shares. Social shares. The more content you have, the more valuable it is and the more opportunity there will be for people to link to the content you have.

When you start getting your social signals turning into links, then you’re in the pink.

Did we mention more content? Yeah. And are your posting regularly? Be honest.

That’s what the Done-For-You packages on SocialPostify address. Don’t have time for social media but know it’s IMPORTANT? Let us do it for you!

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