Pinterest just added to Social Postify

Hey, guess what? We’ve added another property to help you conquer your social media marketing. You can now link your Pinterest account in your social postify dashboard and start harnessing the power of this photo sharing site.

If you’re looking to get your brand in front of an even greater audience, check this out.

As of 2015 Pinterest had 176 Million (!) registered users! Of those, 100 million were active!

About a third of Pinterest users are women, but things are changing. However, if your target market is mostly female it makes sense to add Pinterest to your marketing efforts.

A whopping 75% of Pinterest users are visiting from mobile devices.

93% of users go on to make a purchase!

Why would you NOT want to use this? And Social Postify makes it easy for you. There’s a ton of great info online about Pinterest and its stats as well as Pinterest accounts for business. This is the way we do marketing in the 21st century and now it’s at you fingertips along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And remember, our Done For You packages can take care of all the heavy lifting, creating daily posts or updates so you don’t have to worry about it.

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