Social Media Curated vs Original Content

There are a number of platforms that help with social media marketing. You may have checked out our competition. They all have points in their favor and anything that makes your social media marketing burden less heavy is good. Depending on the number of social media properties you have, posting to them all manually is prohibitive in terms of your time. In fact, you’ll either start pulling your hair out or give up altogether. Neither of which is a good option.

Posting regularly to social media can give your properties themselves a ranking boost. We’ve seen our social media sites creep upward on Google after doing nothing more than posting and keeping the properties active.

The one thing that faces every would-be social media marketer is what to write? Even with the time to schedule posts, coming up with the content is a big hurdle. There are two approaches to this. First is what’s called curated content. This is articles that have already been written and which you can post or share on your own social media sites. Having regular posts, even if the information is not specific to your company, is great and keeps your profiles active. The content should be related to your business and be of interest to your followers to keep them engaged. However, it’s not original and it doesn’t include information about your company, product or service.

The second is original content. Your business is going to have timely information it needs to distribute to all the various social media channels. It could be an upcoming event, a special offer or a news item. In this case, curated content won’t suffice. You either have to post it yourself or hire someone to create and publish the content. Smaller businesses may not want to spend the money on an in-house social media team and hiring a virtual assistant or some other stranger means taking time to get them up to speed.

That’s why Social Postify’s done-for-you packages are so valuable. The content is original and written specifically for your business–no one else’s. Your social media posts are scheduled up to a month in advance. And with access to the Social Postify command center, you can view, edit, augment or delete any post. This is the only service of its kind that provides original content for your business. With it you can put your social media posting on autopilot. We think it’s a no-brainer, but try it yourself. Remember that there’s no contract and you can cancel at any time.

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