Social Postify vs Hootsuite

People ask us all the time about how Social Postify compares to Hootsuite. There are many ways in which we are superior and we’ll list more in further posts, but the top one in our minds is that Social Postify makes your life easier!

Unless you have (or want) a full-time social media staff (even a staff of one) or have the time to do it yourself, you simply won’t do all the necessary social media marketing that you could or should. With our Done-For-You packages, your social content is, well, done for you!

The basic DFY package is (at the time of this writing) $197 per month. Your social media is written and scheduled out a month in advance.

Boom! Done!

With Hootsuite you have to create your content.

How much time will that take you? Do you have better uses for your time? We think you do! And how much would you pay a dedicated social media person to create two Facebook posts per day, every day for a month? For a year? We think our content creation DFY packages not only save you time but a considerable amount of money.

And don’t forget, our Do-It-Yourself accounts start at the amazingly low price of…FREE. Services like Buffer will only allow one social media platform to sign up to their free account (we offer 3 plus Pinterest), and Hootsuite only offers a free trial for 30 days. If you like doing it yourself, keep your Social Postify free account for as long as you want! Of course we hope you’ll upgrade or purchase one of the DFY packages, but we leave that up to you!

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