Why Social Media Marketing?

Short answer: if you’re not doing it, your competitors are!

Having an active social media presence is simply part of business in 2016 (and beyond). Those who get it, well, get it! That’s why you’ll find full-time staff at big companies whose job is solely to keep their social media active.

Posting regularly to your accounts can give your company a boost in the search engines. Google values trust and links coming to your site from a social property like Facebook have an incredibly high amount of trust in Google’s eyes. You don’t need a Ph.D. to understand why.

Also, an active social media presence tells people your business is thriving. How many companies’ Facebook or Twitter pages have you seen gathering dust. They might have one post from way back when they created their account in 2013. What effect does that have on you, the potential customer? Exactly.

Social posts can boost authority and trust in your business. They provide an avenue for your customers to interact with you. They boost your organic search engine rankings and can help drive traffic to your website!

TRAFFIC. That’s where the money is. Forget the phone book. If you are not on page one of Google you are invisible. Do all the things you can to achieve that top spot. And make social media one of the main arrows in your quiver.

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