You know you need social media marketing. But it can be just too darned complicated!

Let us solve it for you!

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What if there was an COMPLETE, EASY way to accomplish social media marketing?

About Our Social Command Center

You want easy SMM? We got it! Take a FREE test drive of our command center and find out for yourself!

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We can do it all for you! We can post engaging content daily to help drive sales.

About Our Done-For-You Services

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Let our team take the reins and post to your social media properties for you!

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Social media marketing made easy.

Have you heard? Frequently posting and tweeting compelling content really helps to:30daytraffic

  • Increase website traffic

  • Increase your trust/authority in your market

  • Acquire and keep customers

  • Cement your online brand

  • Boost your bottom line

You know all too well, that doing this SMM yourself is time consuming. Odds are, even with the best intentions, you just won’t do it consistently.

It’s been shown that a majority of business people know that SMM will help, but few have the time and commitment to keep up with it–or, they don’t know where to begin in the first place!

Putting an effective marketing plan in effect for your company or website means keeping it constantly visible through social media. It takes time and effort. Can you meake regular Facebook updates? Tweet often on Twitter? Post every day on LinkedIn? Most people probably can’t. Or would rather be doing something else.

Let SocialPostify do it for you!

Social Media Marketing is our bread and butter. We also provide you with an easy-to-use command center to let you manage your SMM, as well as complete, done-for-you services. We can create and post compelling content for your social media properties. Several times a day if need be!


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Our Easy, Web-based Command Center

Want to do your own SMM? Our intuitive command center will make doing your own marketing a snap!

Use your command center to:

  • Compose tweets and posts

  • Schedule your tweets and posts to appear at a later date or time

  • Create and add branded images to your posts

  • Find new and interesting ideas for content

  • Gauge the success of your SMM campaigns

  • Review and edit content we have written for you


Our Done-For-You Service

If you’re busy (and who isn’t?), why not opt for one of our done-for-you social media promotion packages.

When you choose one of these packages, our team begins by profiling your company, its products and services.  Once complete, we design a unique schedule of social media promotion to generate online interest in your business. We compose and schedule posts and tweets. Since they will show up in your command center, you can review or edit them before they are sent out.

In only a few days we can be tweeting and posting compelling content to bolster your Google ranking, separate you from your competitors,  increase your online audience, and boost your bottom line.

Just take a minute to fill out our short form and we’ll let you know how we can help you add social media to your marketing quiver!